Supercharge your e-commerce business with our optional service and website add-ons!  These add-ons are available to order for anyone holding a monthly subscription. Available at low hourly rates, our team can help you achieve your goals faster by doing the time-consuming work for you, freeing up your time to focus on other things such as promoting your business.

**Note that these are promotional rates and can change at any time.

Virtual Assistant: Standard Work


Hire our team of expert web developers and graphic designers to help assist you with anything for your website.

Virtual Assistant: Advanced Work

RATE: $10/HR

You can also hire our web developers and graphic designers to do work for you that isn't totally related to our platform.
Merchiful Print on Demand Professional Photo Studio

Photography Services


Hire our professional in-house photographer to take pictures of your products for your advertising and social media collaterals.

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