Royal Pet Portraits (and Royal Human Portraits too!)

Royal Pet Portrait: Dog and Cat Royal Paintings

Introducing the Royal Pet Portrait for dropshippers and resellers. These fun products will turn any pet into fashionable royalty!  Printed onto canvas fabric and hand stretched over a 9″x12″ wood frame, you can hang these portraits on the wall or display it on an easel on your desk or shelf. Custom Royal Portraits The way[…]

Personalized Human Doll Pillows and Keychains

Human Doll Christmas Ornaments Keychain Pillows

Surprise your friends and loved ones with their own Mini Me! These adorable human doll pillows are made by placing a person’s face on a doll’s body. They come in two different sizes: as a 5″ tall keychain (which also doubles as Christmas tree ornaments) or 15″ tall pillow. These human dolls are printed on[…]

Custom Clothing Labels

Custom Clothing Tag Label for Your Print on Demand Shirts

Create a brand that is distinctly yours.  Add a custom fabric label tag to your apparel!  We now offer optional custom clothing labels that we sew into the back of the shirt.  The label is made from woven edge satin ribbon which is soft to the touch and does not irritate the wearer when the[…]