Branded Packaging Inserts for Your Print on Demand Orders

Branded Packaging Inserts
Branding is what helps set your company apart from others. It establishes what makes you unique and keeps customers buying from you. That’s why delivering a consistent branding message from your website to the actual delivery and unboxing of the products is so important.

At Print on Demand by Merchiful, we give you options to help provide a branded unboxing experience for your customers. Here are some of the ways how you can build your brand with us.
Custom Branded Fabric Labels

Attach branded fabric labels to your apparel

Price: $1.00 per shirt

The branded fabric label (also known as the size label), gives you the opportunity to brand your apparel as your own. Your logo or design will be printed on a white woven edge satin ribbon and sewn onto the inside neck of the shirt. To go with this option, be sure to select “yes” for the “label” option on the apparel ordering page so that you can upload your logo or design in our product customizer tool.

Print on Demand Package Inserts

Include branded packaging inserts

Price: $0.50 per insert

You can also opt to have branded packaging inserts included with each of your orders. These inserts include customized postcards, gift cards / business cards, and round stickers. Using our product customizer tool, you’ll be able to upload your design files so that your packaging inserts will look exactly the way you made them. Here’s a video giving an overview of all our available packaging inserts.

How to design your packaging inserts

If you want a quick and easy way to design your packaging inserts, we highly recommend using Canva. Here’s a video tutorial showing you how we designed our thank you cards using Canva . You can then download your custom design, then upload it to our site for printing.

Now Let’s Get Started!

With your print on demand business, your brand is all about you. Your customers should be seeing your brand, not ours. That’s why branded fabric labels and customized packaging inserts are the way to go. Take advantage of our print on demand branding options and give your customers the unboxing experience they deserve.