Custom Clothing Labels

Custom Clothing Tag Label for Your Print on Demand Shirts

Create a brand that is distinctly yours.  Add a custom fabric label tag to your apparel!  We now offer optional custom clothing labels that we sew into the back of the shirt.  The label is made from woven edge satin ribbon which is soft to the touch and does not irritate the wearer when the clothing is work.  It comes printed with your logo or artwork, which can also double as a size tag label.

How to Add a Custom Label to Your Shirt

If you want to add a custom clothing label to your print on demand apparel, simply visit one of our print on demand apparel products and for the “label” option, choose “yes”.  It then opens our online customizer tool.  Look at the lower left corner of your screen for the thumbnails indicating the front side and label.  Click on the “label” icon and you will then be able to upload your artwork for your fabric label.

Our custom fabric labels are printed in black ink, so be sure to upload a black and white logo or artwork when you’re customizing your fabric label.