Personalized Human Doll Pillows and Keychains

Human Doll Christmas Ornaments Keychain Pillows

Surprise your friends and loved ones with their own Mini Me! These adorable human doll pillows are made by placing a person’s face on a doll’s body. They come in two different sizes: as a 5″ tall keychain (which also doubles as Christmas tree ornaments) or 15″ tall pillow. These human dolls are printed on both sides of the pillow, and you can choose from over a hundred different body designs that we have available.

Human Doll Pillows and Keychains

Mini Me Human Doll Pillow

Collect one for everyone in your family!  Lay them out on the couch or around the house. These human doll pillows make great gits and will give you a daily remember of those who you love most.  Interested to see these dolls in more detail?  Watch our human doll videos below:

Become a Human Doll Reseller

It’s easy to become a reseller of our human doll pillows.  We’ve broken it down step by step to make the reselling process easier for you:

  1. Use our product photos to advertise the human doll pillow.
  2. Offer customers the opportunity to choose a specific body type for their doll’s body.  You can download images of all our body types here.
  3. Get a picture of your customer’s face.  We’ll need a clear, high quality photo, so be sure the person in the photo is looking forward into the camera and doesn’t have any part of their head or hair cut out of the picture.
  4. Order your human doll pillow here, then upload the photo of your customer.
  5. Sit back and wait for us to send you a mockup of the human doll design.
  6. After you and your customer approve the mockup, we’ll send the item to production.
  7. Expect delivery of your item around 7-10 days after the mockup has been approved.
Human Doll Christmas Ornaments Keychain Pillows
Decorate your Christmas tree with human doll ornaments!

Start Selling Today!

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