Resellers & Dropshippers

Why dropship?

The concept behind dropshipping is that you can sell products to your customers without ever having to stock the items themselves. Instead, when your dropshipping store sells a product, you purchase the item directly from Merchiful, then we produce and ship the items directly to your customer for you.
What is Dropshipping?

For others, it might be more advantageous to act as a reseller.  When you start selling a lot of one particular product, it might make more sense to order pre-made stock of the product and store it as part of your inventory.  You can then ship orders directly to the customer yourself instead of waiting for the product to be produced and shipped from Merchiful.

Whether you’re a reseller or a dropshipper, we offer a service which gives you your own personal ordering page.  This makes it easy to input your customer orders, pay for your orders, and keep track of your orders, all in one place.

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