Print on Demand Dropshipping

Run a print on demand business with minimal investment and no inventory required

The concept behind print on demand dropshipping is that you can sell products to your customers without ever having to stock the items themselves. Instead, when your dropshipping store sells a product, you purchase the item directly from Merchiful, then we produce and ship the items directly to your customer for you.

What is Dropshipping?

For example, perhaps you have your own Etsy store or run your own online shop built by Shopify.  Let’s say a customer buys Product A from your online shop for $30. You would then place the same order on our website and pay the lower dealer price of $20 for the same item.  Once we’ve confirmed payment, we would then manufacture and ship the item directly to your customer for you. 

Since your customer paid you upfront for their item, you’ve just managed to make a small profit, all without having to stock any inventory and without using any of your own money!

Want to build your own e-commerce shop? We can help with that too!

If you want to have your own e-commerce website with your own brand, we’ll help build it for you. Start by choosing one of our pre-made, fully functioning website templates. We’ll connect your paypal account so that customers have a way to pay you for their orders. We’ll also help you register your own domain name for your website so that your customers know how to find you.

Once your website is up and running, anytime a customer orders something from you, it’s automatically imported to us. We charge you for the order, then print, fulfill, and ship the items directly to your customer for you.

Visit our Shop Builder page for more info.

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