Royal Pet Portraits (and Royal Human Portraits too!)

Royal Pet Portrait: Dog and Cat Royal Paintings
Introducing the Royal Pet Portrait for dropshippers and resellers. These fun products will turn any pet into fashionable royalty!  Printed onto canvas fabric and hand stretched over a 9″x12″ wood frame, you can hang these portraits on the wall or display it on an easel on your desk or shelf.

Custom Royal Portraits

The way it works is you’ll need to get a picture of your customer’s pet and upload it on our Royal Pet Portrait page.  From there, we will expertly make a cutout of the pet’s face and affix it to the body of a royal person of your choice.  You may also request the digital file from us so that you can use the edited image for other print on demand products such as customized throw pillows.
Here’s a fun video commercial advertising our Royal Pet Portrait product. (If you’re a member, you can download the video file and post it on your online store and social media pages to help advertise the product.)

Royal Portraits for Humans

Yes, we can also make royal portraits for people!  Upload a headshot photo of a person on our Royal Portrait page.  From there, we will place the head cutout onto a royal body of your choice.  After approval, we’ll print the royal portrait onto canvas fabric material and mount it on a 9″x12″ canvas frame.  Here are some examples of royal portraits with digitally inserted faces.

Learn More About Custom Royal Paintings

Here’s a video showcasing our custom royal portraits up close and personal. As a reseller, you’ll see how you can sell this product as a dropshipping print on demand item on your Shopify or online store.