Welcome to our training modules page, the place where you can learn all about our print on demand services and how to use our tools. We will be releasing new videos regularly, so keep checking back for our latest videos.

Product Customizer Tool

How to Design Face Masks Using Our Product Customizer Tool

Learn how to use our product customizer tool to create print on demand face masks.

All About Packaging Inserts

Learn how to create and upload designs for your packaging inserts (stickers, postcards, and gift cards).

How to Save Your Designs in our Product Customizer Tool for Future Retrieval

If you have designs that you use for every order (for example designs for packaging inserts), this save tool will save you a bunch of time.

How to Create Thank You Cards (Post Card Inserts) Using Canva

We preview Canva and how to create your own postcard insert and upload it using our product customizer tool.

Calculator Tools

Human Doll Calculator Tool
This demo goes through a scenario of how to price your human doll products.
Clothing Calculator Tool
Learn how to use our clothing calculator tool using a scenario of someone selling print on demand rash guards.

Points and Rewards

Points and Rewards: How It Works
Learn about how you can earn points on your purchases and how to redeem them for free packaging inserts.

Template Kings

How to Create a Realistic Human Doll Pillow Mockup
Learn how to use our Human Doll Mockup to create your own human doll mockups in Photoshop.
How to Add Your Designs to a T-shirt Pattern
Learn how to transfer your design to our T-shirt pattern, then export and upload the parts for printing.
How to Create a Flatlay Mockup for T-shirts, Hoodies, and Other Apparel
Learn how to put your designs onto different types of apparel using our flatlay mockup templates.