Voice Recorder for Plush Toys and Human Dolls

Voice Recorder Box for Stuffed Toys
Are you a reseller of our Mini Me Human Dolls and looking for a way to boost your sales? Add some life to your human dolls by offering your customers with an additional voice recorder add-on! This voice recorder allows a user to record a message up to 30 seconds long. Once you’ve recorded the message, just insert it into the human doll and press the button on the recorder to hear the pre-recorded message.

This is great for saving a personal message for someone you’re giving the human doll to. You can also record voices to entertain your kids with a funny, talking human doll. To see how the voice recorder works, watch our short instructional video below.

Voice Recorder for Human Doll

The voice recorder is inserted into a special side pocket with a zipper to hide it in place. When you first get the recorder, there will be a little strip of paper that you need to pull out of the recorder. This will allow the battery placed inside to make contact with the device. Here are some close-up pictures to get a better idea of how the voice recorder box looks:

How to Buy a Voice Recorder Box

To order a voice box recorder for your human doll or plush toy, you can visit the Voice Recorder page here. We will automatically include the voice recorder with your customer’s order.